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Cuffley Camp: Let the Adventure Begin!

8th June 2023

There is plenty of evidence of the benefits of a residential trip where hands-on, experiential learning occurs outside of a traditional classroom setting. From interaction with peers to collaboration on group tasks, building new friendships, taking risks and trying new things, children learn essential life skills that encourage self-confidence and independence.

And just to be sure that Year 4 and 5 loved it as much as we thought they did, Ben, Millie and Myla have provided their own 5-star review.

Ben: During our trip to Cuffley Camp I took part in lots of activities such as fire building, rock climbing, low ropes and axe throwing. During these activities there were instructors to help you if you were struggling. My favourite was fire building because I got to practise techniques I learnt at Cubs.

Millie: We slept in large tents of around six-eight people, but it varied. I was in a tent of six with people I don’t usually hang out with that much so I made stronger bonds with them. Lots of laughs happened in the tents, everyone in my tent was friendly and we had lots of fun.

Myla: During my stay at Cuffley Campsite I took part in amazing activities. My first activity was orienteering. We had a map and compass and we found our way to different points at the camp. Then we did bow and arrow and axe throwing! We used proper bows and axes, the arrows were sharp too. The next day the activities got more fun. We did ziplining (it was like a bigger version of the zipline you see in the park!) After that we did rock climbing (it was so high!) Everyone loved that. We even managed to fit in three more activities, including fire building, night line and elephant graveyard (there were no bones, don't worry!) The last day included an obstacle course, everyone loved to race and jump from hanging car tyres to tyres!

Ben: For breakfast we had sausages, baked beans, bread and butter, cornflakes and hash browns, then after doing a few activities we would eat lunch around the fire pit (we didn’t start the fire while eating lunch so you don’t have to worry about burning your food), we had food such as a sandwich which was either chicken mayo or cheese, crisps, an apple and a penguin chocolate bar (not an actual penguin). During the evening of the second day, we had stonebaked pizza with toppings of our choice. I chose pepperoni and mushrooms, an odd combination but I enjoyed it.

“I would give this five stars!”

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