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Welcome From Our Students

“One thing I have enjoyed since joining is the friendly atmosphere, everyone is always looking out for one another”

Our pupils are the centre of the St Margaret’s School community.

We pride ourselves on listening carefully to the pupil voice through the student led council, other student led groups such as the Student Diversity Group, direct contact with teaching staff and through questionnaires.

Pupil feedback is vital in supporting our development and community. In turn it is empowering, encourages involvement and growth in confidence, all of which make our pupils feel valued and appreciated.


Head of School

I have been at St Margaret’s since Year 7 and grown up with the school community. I have always valued the school for its special teacher and student relationships. We are hugely supported, both academically and pastorally, meaning we are free to achieve our full potential.

As Head of School I hope to have a strong impact, especially on the younger students, through introducing more Sixth Form led enrichment sessions that  strengthen our community even more. I am looking forward to helping others have the opportunity to have the great school life I’ve experienced at St Margaret's.


Sixth Form

If you are looking for a school that makes you feel comfortable and encourages you to pursue your academic passions, as well as provide you with overwhelming amounts of pastoral support then, in my opinion, St Margaret’s is the perfect choice. When I joined, the School had just transitioned to co-education, but I was met with warmth and not made to feel out of place.

The advantage of having a smaller Sixth Form is really beneficial; it allows for a unique experience that you can’t find at other Sixth Forms. It enables you to develop close relationships with all your teachers, and you’re never overlooked; the support is unmatched.


Head of Junior School

I have been at St Margaret’s since Year 1 and I am currently in Year 6. My first day was really memorable as I recall receiving a warm welcome by the teachers who are enthusiastic, dedicated and caring.

The best thing about being at St. Margaret’s is how the School community respects, supports and helps each other to succeed with diversity, and provides a positive and nurturing environment to all its pupils.

As Head of the Junior School, my main responsibilities are representing the School at events and making public speeches, acting as a role model for students and sharing pupils’ ideas with the School’s leadership team.


Lower Junior School

What I love most about my School is seeing my friends and teachers, everybody is very kind to each other and this makes me so happy. I am excited to be at School so I can play with my friends in the adventure playground, go on nature walks, see my teachers and be in my classroom.

I feel excited, lucky and proud to be part of St Margaret’s School because it is a beautiful, happy, fun place. I think my School is special because we have lots of space to be outdoors for play and lessons, we have a swimming pool and my teachers make studying fun. My teachers make the School magical!

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