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20 minutes with... Aryaa Desai

21st June 2021

A Year 7 trip to the European Space Centre in Belgium sparked an interest in all things ‘space’ for Aryaa Desai, who left St Margaret’s in July 2020 and has just completed her first year studying Aeronautical Engineering at Imperial College, London.

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Sohni The Business of Fashion St Margarets

The Business of Fashion

11th June 2021

At the tender age of just 5, Sohni, now a St Margaret’s Year 8 pupil, joined Little Hands, a fashion club in Finchley. Whilst other 5 year olds were learning to ride a bike or at a dance class, Sohni was at her sewing machine creating her very first clothing collection.

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St Margarets Y13 Leavers Thumbnail

Last Day of School......Ever!!!

8th June 2021

“We are incredibly sad to be saying goodbye to this year group and we will miss their characteristic warmth, resilience and good humour. It has not been an easy two years but they have continued to achieve great successes during this time.”

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Dr Natalie Ring at work as an Emergency Medicine Registrar in London

20 minutes with... Dr Natalie Ring

29th May 2021

Continuing our series of pupil-led interviews, this week Head of School Senior, Tomi and Head of School Junior, Sania spoke to alumna Dr Natalie Ring, about her work on the NHS frontline.

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Young girl from St Margaret's Junior School trying to create a spark to light the fire pit

Taking The Classroom Outside

25th May 2021

From building shelters to learning how to light a fire, Junior School are embracing an Outdoor Education programme that not only teaches resilience and perseverance, but also improves self-confidence, social skills, motivation and concentration.

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St Margaret's Junior School pupil wearing The Lazy Sloth jacket

Lazy Days of Lockdown

12th May 2021

In and around her online lessons, one of St Margaret’s Junior School pupils, along with her brother, spent lockdown creating a brand new clothing company.

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St Margarets School pupils attending a cricket masterclass delivered by Harrow School

Harrow School Delivers Cricket Masterclass

7th May 2021

“Going into the masterclass I was quite nervous about doing it because the last time I’d played cricket was years ago with my brother in our garden.”

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Three of St Margaret's School's Stained glass windows in the Chapel

Our Chapel

4th May 2021

Built and designed by Alfred Waterhouse, at the same time as the main Waterhouse building, the School Chapel is an important building at St Margaret’s.

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St Margarets School Alumna Amy

Catching Up : Amy

30th April 2021

Former pupil Amy has recently been appointed as joint Senior News Editor at Varsity, University of Cambridge, and she credits much of her confidence, and journey to success, to St Margaret’s.

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