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Woodrow High House: A Forest Adventure!

7th June 2024

There is so much to say about the benefits of a residential trip, where hands-on learning is first and foremost and the most idyllic setting provides the backdrop. From building new friendships, taking risks and trying new things, the positives of learning softer skills go far beyond the classroom.

At the beginning of May, our Year 4 pupils travelled to the calming woodland setting of Woodrow High House. Focusing on  developing resilience through carefully managed risk-taking and encouraging team-building amongst their peers, the pupils enjoyed a range of activities from a scavenger hunt and challenge stack, to a lesson in archery and learning life skills through bushcraft.  With a packed 2-day schedule Year 4 may have left Woodrow with depleted energy levels, but they certainly arrived back in Bushey with stronger friendships and confidence levels as high as the Jacob’s Ladder they conquered.

“My favourite part of going to Woodrow High House was archery because it gave me a challenge to work for”

Here to give us their stamp of approval is Selin, Artur, Ava and Josh!

Selin: I liked the trip because we were able to do high ropes and also when the instructor knocked the tower down. I liked the tunnels even though it was a little bit dark, when you were in the middle and you didn't know if your eyes were closed or open. I was scared the first time, but the next time I felt braver. 

Artur: I liked the popcorn we cooked over the fire at bushcraft because it was healthy. I was the first one to make my bed and liked helping others.

Ava: I liked doing bushcraft because I was the first person to ignite a fire, so I felt really proud of myself. I think this would help if I was ever stuck on an island.

Josh: My favourite bit was when we felt like we were floating in the air on high ropes. It wasn’t scary, I just liked laughing with my friends.

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