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This Is Me!

8th May 2023

Celebrating our differences, as well as our common interests, helps unite and educate us; and organising a day dedicated to understanding other perspectives allows us to broaden our own and educate ourselves.

St Margaret's School has long-been a diverse community. Last week students wanted a chance to deepen social awareness and understanding by celebrating the cultural richness of the school.  A ‘This Is Me’ day gave the whole school an opportunity to come dressed in clothes that best represented their identity and heritage and attend a staff and student-led exhibition covering the Iranian Revolution, Jewish celebrations, Afrobeat music, Persian and Arab weddings and the diversity of Brazil.

“Promoting a positive and accepting culture is part of everyday school life at St Margaret's, and much of this is driven by the student body”

The cheers and applause at the This is Me Fashion Show left us all in no doubt that this is a community that recognises and appreciates the value of diversity; a community that is looking for a well-rounded education, where learning about and understanding different perspectives and backgrounds is key to a rich and inclusive school experience.

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