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St Margaret's School Campus Map

6th October 2021

When new branding meant a new campus map was needed, it made sense to ask Natania, a former pupil and now trainee architect, if she could help us out.

Natania left St Margaret's in July 2021 having secured a place at UCL to study Architecture. Knowing how talented she was, she seemed the perfect candidate to ask to create us a new campus map. After some discussion and exploration of the style of map we were looking for, Natania created some small samples for us to choose from and once we had decided, she set to work, checking in with us regularly to make sure all was on track and within a couple of weeks had the final piece ready for us. St Margaret's Head, Lara Péchard was delighted that Natania was able to help us, saying

“Natania's art work captures St Margaret's beautifully. I will be watching with interest how her career develops and am thrilled that Sir Alfred Waterhouse's legacy lives on here”

Take a look at the video below to see her in action, suffice to say we will be watching her progress at university and can't wait to see what the next few years have in store for her!

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