Upper junior school pupils enjoying outdoor learning at St Margaret's School

Outdoor Learning

Woodland adventures create opportunities for risk taking, friendship making and building confidence

Outdoor Learning in Upper Junior is not just a stand-alone subject timetabled once a week; it is also a way to enhance teaching and learning across the curriculum.

Outdoor Learning promotes children’s engagement. It connects them with nature and with the world around them.

Outdoor learning provides a perfect pathway for character development as children collaborate, innovate and articulate. We find in Outdoor Learning, these skills are more tangible and develop quickly.

“When we are outside, it feels like my mind opens to different ideas, I notice the details and enjoy stopping and looking”

The Upper Junior pupils enjoy orienteering, shelter building, making fires, camping as well as developing their natural history skills and learning and connecting with the natural world. The staff plan activities that connect with the curriculum, as well understanding the importance of nature and looking after our world and environment. 

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