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Children are encouraged to express their feelings

The pastoral care at St Margaret’s provides a supportive environment where children feel happy, secure and want to learn.

The children in Lower Junior, from Reception to Year 3, each have a class teacher that supports them and this forms the link between families, the School and the child.

We understand that the voice of the pupil is key. Children are encouraged to share their thoughts and feelings through our Junior School Council, as well as during informal opportunities. Our dedicated staff understand the importance of managing emotions and are quick to respond with pastoral support. Children are encouraged to express and share their concerns so that they do not feel that they are alone.

In the Junior School, we have a ‘Feeling Words' curriculum, which is based on the RULER programme from Yale University, the youngest children learn to describe how they are feeling with colours, we then interject these with words, at first simple words such as Yellow for happy, and Red for angry. In Upper Junior, the children develop a broad ‘Feeling Word’ vocabulary that not only helps them with their own ability to articulate their own feelings, but also helps in their academic work, when analysing characters in literature.

Our House system which starts in Reception and continues all the way through the School, contributes towards a sense of belonging and community.

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